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Top 5 beautiful landscapes of Vietnam

Top 5 beautiful landscapes of Vietnam from American journal
Vietnam is a small beautiful country, tourists are always surprised by its many diverse types of terrain. Each place you visit the landscape is very different and varied.
The long beaches are made of pristine white sand, the beautiful bright blue sea giving tourists to Vietnam a wonderful impression. Tourists will never forget the feeling of tranquility when walking in the rainforests devoid of sunlight. They will never forget the experience when climbing up mountains as tall as skyscrapers feeling as if they are flying through the clouds. These are just some of the beautiful attractions for tourists when they visit Vietnam.

  1. Nha Trang Beach
    It is no surprise that Vietnam is a country that has the largest potential for cruise tourism when there is over three thousand kilometers of white sand beaches along a coastline that stretches from the Mekong Delta right to the northern most border with China, and this is not including the small beautiful coastal islands where tourists can relax or go scuba diving in the rich marine life waters of the south china sea. Tourists will always feel rested and relaxed whilst enjoying the beautiful sea views whilst traveling by coach along the Central Coast of Vietnam.
    For those who love the idea of cruise tourism one of the most ideal tourist spots is Nha Trang Beach. Both day and night, there are voyages to the sea which are either on cruise ships or on fishing boats. Moreover, the pace of life in Nha Trang is dynamic; you can either enjoy peace and tranquility of one of the areas famous restaurants or the boisterous night life offered by the many night or dancing clubs.
    If Miami beach is one of the most famous beaches in America, then Nha Trang can be considered to be the Miami of South East Asia”. Besides the beautiful beaches, there are many small islands off the coast – with good places for exploring and diving, the islands are accessible by boat or by cable car. Marine life in Nha Trang Beach is diverse. It does not matter if you are diving, fishing, swimming or just sun worshiping it’s really easy to have a great holiday. The price of tours to Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi are very good value, you can choose the style and rating of your hotel from 2 to 5 stars and the prices are some of the most reasonable in the region.
  2. Ha Long Bay limestone
    Ha Long Bay is a world heritage site, when it comes to fantastic landscapes in Vietnam you will not find better, which is probably one of the most impressive landscapes in Vietnam. Visitors can book a day Ha Long bay cruise or an overnight cruise, whatever it is you will not be disappointed, the rocks are limestone pillars rising from the sea, and quite magical in the misty fog of sunrise. There are world class caves to explore as well as kayaking, swimming, eating the local fish dishes – not to be missed.
    With a little imagination when you look at the shapes of some of the limestone pillars, you may notice that they resemble “dragons”, and that is reason why locals call this place “descending dragon bay”.
  3. Muine sand Dunes
    In Mui Ne it could not be more different, you not only have the blue sea and the cloudless blue sky but you also have the unique “Mui Ne” desert dunes with wonderfully strange patterns in the sand sculptured by the wind. The sand has many colors, white, orange or red.  the most divers color range in Viet Nam you will feel overwhelmed by their natural beauty.
    Visitors can re-live their childhood - jumping, running, sand boarding, which is always popular for visitors coming to Mui Ne. Tourists might think they were in an African desert instead of a Vietnamese coastal village, after the desert experience it only takes a few minutes to get back to the sea for para-sailing or wind or sea surfing.
  4. Sapa Terrace
    Sapa is very different from the beach, Taking the midnight train from Hanoi, sleeping overnight in a very comfortable bunk and arriving in Lao Cai at dawn is an experience you will want to repeat, from Sapa you can explore the local ethnic villages and life styles, some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views of the rice terraces await you. In Sapa visitors are always most welcome by friendly locals.
    The terraced fields at Sapa have been “shaped” by hand for over 2.000 years. Up to now, they have been continuing to produce the food source for ethnic minorities living in the mountains. Tourists can explore the magnificent terraced fields by hiring a local guide. In addition, the local people offer the service "homestay" - for tourists to stay at home with their family for a few days. Giving visitors a more memorable experience.
  5. Ha Giang Mountains
    Located in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam not far from Sapa is Ha Giang an area of primary scenic beauty. “Tip” for those who love photography when preparing for the trip to Ha Giang don’t forget to take plenty of camera batteries because of the spectacular scenic beauty you always want to stop along the way to take pictures.
    Ha Giang – visiting this land you will gaze in awe at the spectacular and gorgeous scenic beauty. If you feel brave you can hire a motorbike and make your own travel arrangements through this most beautiful region, don’t forget local rules require you to wear a helmet. One of the most beautiful places on the journey and also regarded as one of the world's most beautiful stretches of road is the part connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac. The roads can be rather difficult to travel, but it is worth it, every up hill and downhill brings a new sight worth seeing.
    Visitors will delight in the colorful ethnic clothes worn by the men and the women and children of the area, they will always pose for your photographs before going about their normal life in a friendly way, always happy to see you and always saying "hello" to visitors. On the back of each child is a beautiful woven basket. Men here wear mostly black clothes and black pot helmet. In contrast, women wear colorful bandanas clothes.



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