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Summary of the INTERSYC II Project

The INTERSYC II project is essentially the natural continuation of the previous INTERSYC, with the utilization and capitalization of its results. In particular, the area of ​​intervention is defined by the larger urban centers on both sides, has common geographical features and includes key entry points in both countries. The main idea of ​​the project is based on the verification of the problems faced by the vulnerable group of children on both sides and the capitalization of the INTERSYC project that the leader implemented with great success during the previous planning period 2007-2013. This project is the result of a long-term partnership between the partners: The Smile of the Child and the NGO Nadja Center (NCF), which are already collaborating at the Southeast European Center (SEEC), which was founded by "The Smile of the Child" in European MCE Federation and the CHI International Union and INTERSYC. This strong relationship is accompanied by local collaborations of partners of this project who have the same nationality. The recent official authorization of the NCF for the operation of the telephone line 116000 and the fifteen-year strong presence of the Smile of the Child in various parts of the implementation area (Thessaloniki, Municipality of Komotini) and the scope of its activities (telephone lines 116000 and 1056, SEEC,  preventive medicine programs, hosting centers, support centers, etc.) in combination with similar previous specialized actions of the cooperating partners led to the search for a more stable form of networking and collaboration. 
The contribution of the INTERSYC II project to the objectives of the program lies in improving the attractiveness of the area by improving the quality of life of the residents, focusing as a target group on children. Dealing with critical social problems, such as trafficking
People, which is directly linked to the disappearance of children, the support of families in crisis and ensuring the good health of children, are crucial factors in maintaining the local population on both sides and creating a favorable environment for the development of sustainable economic activities. The activities of INTERSYC II will cover even remote areas with the same and even more intensive needs of preventive medicine for children, especially under the current socio-economic conditions. The participation of Blagoevgrad's Regional Education Inspectorate will enable "The Smile of the Child" to expand the activities and results of the projects.